I like making things. This site is a small portfolio of my work on the Roblox platform.


Here are some projects I've contributed to.

Released Games
Color Pop
Color Pop is a simple battle-royale. Players compete for bubbles, utilising a variety of maps and movement types. When time is up, the highest scorer wins!

I handled all programming and UI design.
Titan Pet Simulator
Titan Pet Simulator is a classic simulator, with a twist - your pets grow bigger as you progress.

I handled all programming and UI design.
Death Sandbox
Death Sandbox is a 'find-em-all' game, where players discover comedic ways to un-alive their character.

As a gameplay programmer, I implemented a shoot-and-track turret, a confetti handcannon, a suntan bed that cooks your avatar, and more.

There's a dozen attractions, and they need to run simultaneously. I focused on performance to ensure I didn't limit other programmers' zany ideas.
Pet Salon
Pet Salon is a game I prototyped for a couple weeks in November 2022. In this game, you build a tycoon and wash some pets!

The code is intended as a learning resource, hence its GPL license.
Model Render
ModelRender batch renders, resizes, and uploads icons for Roblox models. Images are rendered in Blender, using the Ninja build system to parallelise and cache tasks.
Evenmore is a collection of pacakges for the Nevermore ecosystem. It provides freestanding features that can be dropped into any game.

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